Learning Center

Useful Links:
Wall Street News Network
Seeking Alpha
The Motley Fool
The DRIP Investing Resource Center (Home of David Fish's CCC list)
Fear & Greed Index
Warren Buffet's Total Stock Market Value to GNP Ratio
Shiller P/E Ratio
Wall Street Journal list of daily ex-div stocks and dividend declaration/increases
S&P 500 Return Calculator 
Dividend Income Calculator

Learning Center & Useful Spreadsheets:
Yield-on-Cost Forecasts
Option Calculations
Determining the Dividend Growth Rate of Your Portfolio
So Your Dividend got cut.  Now What?
How Important is Starting Early?
The Intelligent Investor
Portfolio Returns - Part I
Portfolio Returns - Part II
Stock Valuation Methods
Discounted Cash Flow Spreadsheet
2-Stage Dividend Discount Spreadsheet
Gordon Growth Model
ESPP Taxes Calculator
Crossover Point
Work Freedom Day
Retire Before Dad - Loyal3 Stocks Best Value Ranking