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Net Worth Update - April 2019

While cash flow is more important when it comes to financial independence, it's still good to look at the balance sheet too, which is why I provide these net worth updates.  Since more and more of my net worth is tied to the markets, there's a larger correlation between my net worth and the markets, but in the long run as I continue to save and invest the net worth trend should be higher even though short term fluctuations can vary wildly.  As a dividend growth investor I'm not overly concerned with the short-term gyrations as long as the dividend stream remains in tact, but the markets' effect is noticeable.

The S&P 500 continued to rally in April adding another 3.9% for the month.  Since the majority of our net worth is tied to the markets it should come as no surprise that our net worth had a nice move higher once again.  Of course receiving over $400 in dividends sure did help.

During April my net worth increased $13,383.70.

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