Dividend Update - November 2011

November brought my first month with multiple dividends paying out. It's definitely a start to the process of setting up a solid passive income stream. Here's the breakdown.

Wells Fargo $1.56
ConocoPhillips $10.56

Total November Income $12.12

Total dividends received in 2011 $16.16

I'm looking forward to the next market dip to be able to purchase again since they offer spending sprees that I like.

December will see 4 companies paying out for me and my largest monthly dividend stream. I can't wait to get paid for sitting and doing nothing by owning solid companies.


  1. Hey Jonathan what's up?

    I know this post is old as dirt, but I found you site through dividend mantra, which I found about a week ago, and now I'm hooked on the idea of being able to retire early now that I see it's possible (I'm 24). I just wanted to drop by and say it's cool getting to read your stuff from the very beginning and seeing how investing really has paid off for you and you've amassed an impressive portfolio. I think your blog might be my favorite now because we're both working in the chemical industry haha

    1. Chad,

      You have a big advantage if you start at 24, that'll be an extra 3 years of saving and compounding over what I got. I wish I would have been smart enough to start when I was younger or had even been aware of the concept of financial independence. I always just figured I'd work until 60-65 and that was the way it'd be. One of these days, probably once I reach FI I'm going to have to go back and read my story from the beginning. I really like keeping the blog because it helps me to stay on track and it's a way to get encouragement and motivation from others as well. I would highly recommend keeping good records of all things finance. It's amazing to look back on some of my first months after starting towards FI and comparing it to now. The progress is astounding.

      What part of the chemical industry do you work in? Except for the fact that I have no set time off, I actually like my job. Unfortunately I don't see any kind of schedule coming so I'm doing my best to get out of the rat race.

      Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in your own investing! If you have any questions feel free to ask either through comments or email.

  2. I just found out about the FI concept through some random article I was reading off of yahoo or something where it mentioned the dividendmantra blog, I had always hoped I could retire early but had no idea how to go about it or what the first steps to take would be. Reading your blog has definitely helped me get the right ideas in my head on where to start. Initially I thought my investing would always be limited to a "Alright, well I'll put in 10% into my 401k for the rest of my life and that'll be it" approach, but now that I'm seeing there's so much more to and with some research, you can be proactive in reaching your goals and that makes me very excited to know I can reach that goal one day. I'm totally with you on the keeping good records thing, I already had a hosting service for a website idea I was toying around with, and I decided today to make my own blog (killthegrind.com, nothing is up on it yet haha) just so I can hold myself accountable for what I do, nothing keeps me on track more than keeping a record of my shortcomings or progress. Your progress definitely is inspirational for me, I'm hoping I can be in a situation similar to yours in a few years, it'll be nice to see the interest compounding really kick in.

    I work in speciality chemicals, my plant makes refrigerants and hydrofluroic acid, I'm an analytical chemist that works a rotating night/day schedule at the moment, the industry never sleeps it seems, I guess that's why most of us in it are on strange hours haha I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions, there's lots of new terms and concepts for me to learn, so I'll be busy reading!

  3. Chad,

    I was never comfortable with just amassing a huge portfolio and then living on 4%. To me it's just too risky because the markets can stay down for years and withdrawing on a portfolio that's down 40% is going to put you in a horrible situation later in your retirement. Before I got laid off I figured I'd work forever but then things changed. That was honestly one of the best times in my life and gave me a taste of what it could be like. I started to really focus on my finances and tried to learn different ways to make money which is when I stumbled on Dividend Mantra. He was a big inspiration to me and the light just kind turned on that dividend growth investing was the solution to my issues with the traditional retirement plan.

    The first year or two is tough because you don't see much of the compounding, it really doesn't kick in until year 10 but I'm seeing big changes already from the 3 years that I've been working at this. Well, almost 2 years of following the dividend growth investing track. Reinvesting dividends and organic growth has been awesome.

    Congrats on starting the blog. I'll definitely be checking it out. Let me know when you get it up and running.

    My hours are steady but there's not schedule at all. Since I work in the field at drilling rigs I work 12 hour days and have no schedule. But my 12 hours is usually sitting in an air conditioned trailer in front of a computer, so it's definitely not a physically demanding job. Once I get enough passive income built up I've decided I'm going to go to management and tell them "Hey, I need a schedule", if and when they say no then oh well, I tried now it's time to go relax.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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