Dividend Update Preview - May 2017 [Infographic]

This year keeps flying by, but the great is that with each passing month there's more dividends coming in.

Come check out how much these companies paid me to do absolutely nothing for the company!  That's the kind of work-life balance that I love!
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My real-life portfolio monthly dividend update for May 2017
I've started the process of transferring the shares held at Loyal3 to my main brokerage account.

With May in the books are you on pace to meet your goals through the first half of 2017?

Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I am on my way to out do 2016. Very close to my goal of 500$ forward dividend (@ 389). I did not invest much in May.

  2. PiP -

    Heck yah - love the dividend growth chart you have about your stocks increasing their dividends, that's the proof right there - HUGE addition to your forward income through 5 months. Can't wait for June and the rest of the year for you.


  3. Great chart and nice month. With forward dividend income just shy of $6k, you have plenty of year left to add to that. Nice work!

  4. Awesome report PIP. I hope to exceed my 2017 goals of earning $200 in annual dividends within the next couple of months. However, you've made more dividends in one month than I'm currently expected to make in a whole year. Good stuff.


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