Costco Investors Can't Ignore The Valuation

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Costco Wholesale (COST) Dividend Stock Analysis 2018
While I love to visit the Costco Wholesale (COST) nearest to us, frankly I wish my wife didn't love it quite so much. With that in mind and with earnings on deck later this week I figured it was time to take a look at Costco the "business" and Costco the "stock" to determine whether it deserves some of my investment capital.

Dividend History

As a dividend growth investor one of the first things I check for a potential investment is the company's dividend history. The dividend history gives a quick look into whether the company is generating excess cash to send to shareholders and a lengthy history of raises helps shed light on the commitment to the dividend via the Board.
Costco first paid a dividend to shareholders in May 2004 and has increased the payout to owners every year since. That gives them a streak of 15 consecutive years of dividend growth and the title of Dividend Contender.

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