A.O. Smith: Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful

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A.O. Smith Corporation (AOS) Dividend Stock Analysis 2018

The share price of A.O Smith Corporation (NYSE:AOS) has declined over 35% since peaking in late January/early February. Since September 20 alone, the share price has declined over 25%.

That decline is in contrast to what management has been saying through their actions. Earlier this month, the Board of Directors at A.O. Smith Corporation announced a huge 22% increase to their dividend payment. Even better for investors is that this raise came 1 quarter earlier than their typical increase schedule. I've had my eye on A.O. Smith as a company I want to initiate a stake in for several years now; however, the stars never aligned where I had capital available and shares were trading "cheap".

With the share price decline and dividend increase in mind and earnings coming up next week, I decided I'd take another look at A.O. Smith to see if there's value to be had at the current price level.

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