Becton, Dickinson & Company: Building For The Long Term

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Becton, Dickinson & Company (BDX) Dividend Stock Analysis 2018

Becton, Dickinson & Company (BDX) is a leader in the medial supply and medication delivery space.  A few years back, I, for all intents and purposes, lived in one of the hospitals in Houston for 8.5 months.  While there, I couldn't help but notice the amount of Becton, Dickinson products that were used.

Shares of Becton, Dickinson seem to be perpetually expensive and the low initial yield around 1.25% leaves a lot to be desired.  In 2015, I took the plunge to finally add this great company to my portfolio and haven't been disappointed.

Becton, Dickinson's share price is down around 7% from it's pre-October selloff higher and that made me want to look further into this great company and update my valuation.

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