Cisco Systems: Bullish On The Business, What About The Stock?

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The technology industry isn't known for having an abundance of dividend growth companies due to the large ups and downs of the industry and the higher probability of a competitor coming along with a "better mousetrap". One of the companies that caught my eye is Cisco Systems (CSCO). Cisco is a budding dividend growth investment with 9 consecutive years of increases.
The pivot away from just a networking hardware company to include both software and subscription-based services has thus far been the right move by management and should help insulate the business from some of the fluctuations of the economy. Cisco is striving to become the go-to networking company for businesses around the world.
When it comes to investing, valuation is everything. If you don't believe me, ask anyone that purchased shares of Cisco in 2000 if they wish they had paid more attention to valuation back then.

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