J.M. Smucker: Quality On The Cheap Side Of Fair Value

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J.M. Smucker Company (SJM) is now much more than its namesake would suggest.  Of course there's still the fruit spreads, peanut butter and other food products; however, that only accounts for roughly 21% of sales now and it just the 3rd largest division at Smucker.  The largest segment by revenues is pet foods which is roughly 38% of sales followed by retail coffee at 28% with international making up the remaining 14%.

Smucker's share price has largely gone nowhere over the last 5 years growing roughly 12% in that time.  After topping out in the summer of 2016 shares are down approximately 28% as of Tuesday's close.  More recently shares are down ~12% since mid-May.

That kind of stagnation in the share price gets my attention as it could be a situation where the business is doing just fine, but hte stock previously got ahead of itself.  It's akin to pushing against a spring; at some point the spring will push back.

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