In the beginning...

I currently work a job where I am paid quite well for honestly very little work. The major drawback being that I'm away from home which makes it difficult. I figured that since I'm making good money I might as well do something with it that will lead me to a life where my fiancee and I can just do what we love to do and money won't be an issue. I've just begun my pursuit of getting paid to not work and am looking forward to what 2012 has in store so I can invest more since we won't be saving for the wedding anymore. My portfolio is quite small right now and like most beginning investors I've made some mistakes due to inexperience. But trial by fire is always a good thing. I'll update a few times each week on what I'm thinking and how I stand financially. I've made some great gains over the last 14 months or so while saving for retirement and am starting to focus on non-tax-sheltered investing for my passive investing. Here's my starting points as of the end of last October 2011.

IRA $10863.69
Roth IRA $ 8485.49
401k $20926.01
Brokerage Account $ 7176.64
ESPP $ 3458.36
Other Stocks $ 1991.16

Total $52901.35

Annual Dividend Payout $266.84

Net Worth $61364.23