Recent Buys

This morning I bought 20 shares of AT&T @ $28.29 and 15 shares of Intel at $23.24. It's days like the last week where I wish I had more capital. The shares of T are giving me a 6% YOC and INTC are giving me 3.53%. I don't expect AT&T to give me much dividend growth but I figured I could use some quality and stable high YOC for the moment. I feel that Intel can continue to grow it's dividend in the high single to low double digits and that will just be gravy for a company as dominant in its own niche as Intel. And if they can somehow break in to the tablet industry the prospects are even better. These purchases raised my YOC for my portfolio to 2.99% from 2.72%. I want to get the YOC up but I've taken a flier on BAC. If the global and domestic financial system can get to some semblance of stability I think BAC will work out nicely. Obviously this is a 2-5 year wait and see approach for BAC but the potential gains I feel greatly outweigh the risks. Just a annual dividend for BAC of $0.40 gives me a YOC over 6%.