Recent Transaction

This afternoon I decided to buy back the September $26 put option. I was torn on whether to buy it back or not because I was getting a solid entry price the way it was set up. I should have let it go the way it was but I got a little caught up with how much it had changed over the week. I had to pay a total of $133.98 to buy back the put option. I received $40.01 when I sold the option so to close out the position it cost me $93.97.

I also decided to sell a $25 September 22 2012 put for $0.60 which after commissions I received $52.01 in option premium which is a 2.08% return over 29 days which gives an annualized return of 26.18%.  If the option is executed then my entry price will be $24.56 for a YOC of 3.66%.  I'm going to let this option play out because I feel better about my entry price.

 I'll update my option summary over the weekend once I get back to my computer. This is my first mobile post which I kind of like for the ease of getting a post out quickly when you're not at a computer but I still prefer posting from my computer.