Weekly Roundup - July 20, 2013

Just a quick roundup this week because work has been taking up too much of my time.  I can't wait to put an end to that, although that's still a few years away.  This past week was pretty good, we finished drilling one section of the whole and then we picked up tools early this morning.  Now hopefully it goes as smooth as the last well from here on out.  We didn't set a record on the last one but it was still a really good well.

Some good news came this past week as I was checking my 401k balance.  I'm now fully vested so all of the matching money is mine whenever I end up leaving.  That's always good to see, especially since before that I had about $14k that wasn't vested and now it's all mine.

I've started selling off some of my ESPP shares in HAL since my wife and I will be looking to buy a house later this year.  I sold off 67 shares last week and then another 112 shares this week.  There were also 2 options that ended up in the money so that's 200 more shares that are getting called away this weekend.  I don't mind selling the shares, but keeping track of the taxes since they were purchased in a ESPP program is just ridiculous.  It's truly a nightmare because there's just so many situations that lead to the best result as far as taxes that you owe.  Unfortunately some of these shares are being sold as short term gains which is coming at a horrible time since my wife and I should finish this year in the 28% bracket and probably for the foreseeable future as well.  Bummer!

Thanks to everyone who mentioned and stopped by Passive-Income-Pursuit this past week.  I truly appreciate it and it means so much.  Thanks.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Pursuit,

    Best of luck with the house shopping! Looks like those ESPP HAL shares are going to come in quite handy.

    Thanks for the mention. Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Best wishes!

    1. DM,

      No problem on the mention. The ESPP shares are really going to be useful, especially with the solid gains since the shares have been purchased. That 15% discount is wonderful. House shopping is going to be very interesting since I work out of town. I think my free time when I do get a chance to be home is going to be a lot busier with looking at houses. I'm just hoping to find a nice house that we like that has a bit of land with it. I can't stand all of the new neighborhoods where they clear every tree and stack the houses so close to each other.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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