Weekly Roundup - November 24, 2013

Well as usual no week can be smooth and relaxing.  Monday was spent recuperating from the weekend in San Antonio and then I started having to wrap things up at the house before heading back to work on Wednesday.  And of course they ended up calling us back early and out satellite didn't work so I was fairly absent from the blog world.  But things are up and running with work and we're drilling ahead so regular posts will start to come back.

Earlier this week I was struggling with investment ideas and asked you, the readers, for some help coming up with some new ideas.  Either the companies that I want to add to my existing position make up too large a portion of my portfolio or seem overvalued.  And the companies I wanted to initiate positions in are generally overvalued or at least on the high side of fair value.  I can't thank everyone enough.  There were some many ideas flowing and it seems like DE is a favorite among many of you so it's moving up near the top of the list of companies I want to do a stock analysis on.

My portfolio is lacking when it comes to the consumer staples which can make for the backbone of a solid dividend growth portfolio.  Dividend Growth Investor recommended that I look at General Mills (GIS).  I ended up purchasing 35 shares of GIS on Wednesday and I'll get the recent buy post up on Monday.  Just some highlights about GIS, dividend contender with 10 consecutive years of dividend growth with 8.7% 10 year DGR and 10.8% 5 year DGR and a 5 year average dividend yield of 3.00%.  Expected 5 year annual EPS growth of 7.83%.  As I mentioned I have very little exposure to the consumer staples and GIS represents decent value here.  Though barring a change in Mr. Markets mood, I plan on just nibbling on some positions and building up some cash while I find better values.

I'd like to thank everyone that visited, commented, and shared anything from Passive-Income-Pursuit this past week.  I truly appreciate it so much and the helpfulness and passion that you all have always amazes me.

Now on to the links.

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Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


  1. Thanks for the link JC! So great posts there, plus a great number of awesome investment ideas on your post earlier this week. Should be a nice resource for investment ideas in the upcoming weeks.

    1. w2r,

      I've already stolen the GIS idea after purchasing shares last week. DE seems to be pretty solid as it was mentioned in at least half the comments.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you very much for the links!
    It is to be like a hamster in a wheel.
    You get some links for reading, see there again other things and so on...
    It's like Tarzan on the vine.
    You swing you from one web page to the next - and super information everywhere...

    Best Regards

    1. DS,

      There's always so many great articles to read. I hate when I end up skipping a few days in the blogworld because I have to spend the next few days just trying to catch up.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. As always, thanks for including me in your latest round up. GIS is a solid consumer staple. Good luck with the investing, I know the pickins are slim these days.

    1. FI,

      The pickins are indeed slim. Even the better values out there are just hanging out near fair value. I think GIS should treat me pretty well over the coming decades. We all have to eat right?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Pursuit,

    Thanks for including me. :)

    GIS is a great company. I was highly interested in it just before the Heinz deal went public. It was just about over after that. I'll have to revisit that idea soon.

    Best wishes!

    1. DM,

      No problem. Go buy some GIS products if you still need to get something for Thanksgiving. I won't mind! ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. PIP, thanks for adding my link!!


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