Don't Worry About the Credit Card Breach at Target Corporation

The decline in the share price of Target Corporation (TGT) has been well documented by several dividend growth disciples.  The share price has been on a continuous decline since hitting its 52 week high back in July 2013.  Share have declined almost 30% since then and are down almost 12% YTD.  Target has lost more than $10 billion off its market cap in that time.  The credit/debit card data breach has led to the most recent selloff noted by the steep decline in share price since 2014 began.

Credit/Debit Card Data Breach

In mid-December, Target management learned that a hacker had breached their system and stolen some customer information including names, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.  The key though is that social security number were not taken as well.

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  1. I totally agree with you on TGT. As much as I want to add new positions to my small portfolio it is difficult to pass up TGT at these prices. Thank you for the article.


  2. I have actually picked up shares of Target and will continue to build my position if the decline continues.

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