Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Dividend Stock Analysis

The markets have continued to be much more volatile than they were throughout 2013. The good thing is that that's bringing more value into the market, which is great for any long-term buy and monitor investor. Lower prices now = better returns in the future. One company that has caught my eye during this drop has been Wal-Mart (WMT). I've been looking for a chance to pick up shares at prices lower than my cost basis and currently I'm sitting on a 3% paper loss. Wal-Mart closed trading on Tuesday, February 4th at $72.73 and was offering a current yield of 2.58%.

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I've updated my Stock Analysis page to reflect the most recent analysis.


  1. I am looking at Walmart too. I jumped in too soon (twice) on Target. I think retailers look good right now and will probably add some of both companies during the next month or two.

    1. Im not a big fan of walmart stores. Yes its a really good company. But theirs lots of other really good retail stocks out their. It would appear that walmart is feeling some presure for dollar store retail chains also amazon.com and many other online retailer are taking away some market shre from walmart. Walmart is also finding it more difficult to open stores in big cities for example. These super centers pose a real threat to exsisting retailers in the trade area of the supercenter. On the other hand if it was not for walmart many consumers would never have the chance to buy products at low prices. Walmart really can keep prices down because they buy in such large amounts This gives them great pricing leverage with their ventors.

    2. @MDP - I was early to the game on TGT as well but I'm still happy with the price I purchased at. Although not as happy as I could have been. I need to buy some WMT and bring it at least on par with my TGT position.

      @Quality Stocks - I much prefer TGT stores to WMT stores but you can't really beat WMT's prices. Plus given their distribution network and sheer quantity of goods they sell you almost have to give in to their requests if you want your product in front of the most number of eyes. Amazon could definitely be a threat as every year more and more goods are purchased online. WMT is going to need international expansion and growth of their own online presence to stay relevant over the long term, but in the meantime they have plenty of capital to try and sort out their plans and to keep rewarding shareholders.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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