Weekly Roundup - January 14, 2017

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Happy Weekend!  Check out what's been going on in my world and some of the best articles from around the blogosphere.
We're now just one week away from President Elect Trump is officially the next President of the United States.  Many seem to be expecting that the "Trump Rally" will come to an end once he's inaugurated and people start to get back to the fundamentals at hand.  That may prove to be true, but then again it might not.  Plus just because the markets are overvalued that doesn't mean that every company is overvalued. 

One interesting thing I heard on the news earlier this week was about the rental market here in Houston.  The problem arose from a two fold hit of growing apartment supply and falling apartment demand primarily to the continuing sluggish oil sector that drives Houston's economy.  

My gut says this is likely aimed at some of the higher end apartment complexes, but many of them are offering some nice perks if you sign a 1 year lease.  Aside from the small ticket things like iPads or other tablets these complexes are throwing in up to 4 months of free rent.  Adding in the free rent that's like moving up from a $1,000 per mo. apartment up to a $1,500 per mo. for the same annual rent outlay.  It's a good time to be a renter in Houston.

2017 has gotten off to a bit of a slow start for me especially with my writing.  The rest of January might be a bit lighter than I'd like because there's some big changes that I'll be sharing with y'all soon. 

On to the Roundup

In case you missed them, here's the posts from Passive-Income-Pursuit over the past week.

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Once again I'd like to say thanks to each and every one of you that read, commented, and shared posts from here this past week.  I think this dividend growth investing and financial independence community is amazing and the openness from everyone is awesome.  Thanks again!

Now on to the links!

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If you're looking for investment ideas, A Frugal Family's Journey maintains a list of stock analyses and recent buys from fellow bloggers.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice posts there and thanks for the lists, I appreciate them. All the best.

  2. Thats very interesting to hear about the Houston rental market. If those perks are aplenty, definitely a great time to be a renter then.

    It is interesting to see how things will unfold in the market. Lol...suddenly this week everyone seems to be realizing that Trump cannot just fix everything that is wrong with the financial world. The market is pricing in the best case scenario and needs to readjust.

    Thanks for putting this together and sharing with the community. Appreciate the effort and thanks for including me.

    Have a great wknd

  3. I love using Frugal Family. Any time I'm struggling to find a new stock to potentially add to the portfolio, that's usually one of my first stops.

    As for your rental market in Houston; I wish that it was the same way here in Nebraska. The rental market just keeps going up here because home prices are sky rocketing. Nobody wants to touch the housing market so everybody is running to apartments. Our rent has gone up $200 just in the last two years. It's insane.

  4. PiP -

    Thanks for sharing these reads! Pumped to get started this Sunday on them, appreciate you posting this!


  5. Thanks for the additional of my post. I'm really happy I switched over to Interactive Brokers. I was paying way to FUC*&^ much in fees ;-)/ Have a great weekend.

  6. These weekly lists are great. Keep them coming.


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