A Return Of Market Volatility: Could It be? | Weekly Roundup - February 3, 2018

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After what seemed like a really quick January, February is now upon us.  As I get older the days/weeks/months/years really seem to fly by faster and faster.  Of course I imagine that's one of the reasons that many of us are striving to reach financial independence because we value our scarcest commodity of them all: time.
There wasn't much to report on from last week although it is nice to see a bunch of dividend increases come rolling in.  Even better is that there's plenty more on the way which just helps to increase our dividend income and get us that much closer to reaching financial independence.

The S&P 500 gained around 8% to start 2018 off; however, the last week of January proved to be a bit more volatile.  There's no doubt that 2017 was an outlier year with the S&P 500 gaining nearly 20% while also spending the entire year with essentially no volatility.  It was a one way move higher for pretty much the entire year.  

Now that the markets have shown a little bit of volatility with the major indexes down around 2% on Friday alone the headlines, clickbaity as they are, are all talking about how the market plunged.  And the futures are plummeting.  Yeah the headline number for the DJIA was big with over a 650 point drop on Friday, but you have to look at things in terms of percentages.  In all reality that was just a 2.5% drop which isn't really anything to get excited about.

I have no clue if this little sell off is the start of a bigger decline or just another blip before another move higher.  No one does.  However, I do think it's funny how quickly attitudes can change.  All throughout 2017 everyone was saying the markets needed a 5-10% correction, now we might be on the precipice of that and the talking heads are concerned because we might be getting the correction they all wanted.  So in other words, ignore the talking heads and focus on purchasing excellent companies when you deem them to be at fair value or cheaper then hold for the long term.

On to the Roundup

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