Home Depot: DGI For The DIY Investor

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The beginning of spring typically a time for home owners to start sprucing up their yard and house.  That means trip to the hardward store for new furnishings or parts/tools needed to complete the honey do list.  On my last days off from my day job I had to tackle some of my own honey do list such as painting our daughter's room and patching some dry wall that was also courtesy of our daughter.

After seeing Home Depot's (HD) recent 32% dividend increase that pushed the dividend yield up to near 3% and after having a good experience with my recent trip to Home Deport for my own DIY projects, I wanted to take a deeper look at this company to see if the valuation makes sense to add more shares to my portfolio.

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  1. Ive been reading and thinking a lot about HD lately...definitely like the overall picture and think its a way better investable option than LOW. Its been on my watchlist for a few weeks now and just need to decide if & when to initiate.



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