Lockheed Martin: Defending Your Portfolio With Dividend Growth

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When you think of the defense industry, Lockheed Martin (LMT) is surely one of the first names that comes to mind.  The defense industry is unfortunately one of those necessary evils in the modern world.  Lockheed is a leader in the manufacturing of planes, missiles, helicopters and just about anything else related to defense.  The US is by far the leader in defense spending and Lockheed has huge exposure to the US government, ~70% of FY 2018 revenues; however, Lockheed also has exposure to other countries around the world.  With defense spending likely to rise and technology always updating and evolving, Lockheed Martin is poised to continue to reap the rewards of that necessary evil.

Dividend History

The majority of my investments are in dividend growth companies.  That means I want the companies I own to both pay and grow their dividend payment over time.  By focusing on the dividend, I believe it helps to shift the focus towards the business fundamentals and the valuation and away from whatever the share price is doing in the short term.

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