McCormick & Company: Buyer Beware

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McCormick & Company's (MKC) history dates back to 1889 and entered the spice business in 1895.  Since then McCormick has become the largest player in the spice/seasoning market.  According to this report from Morningstar, McCormick has ~20% of the $11 B spice/seasoning market and is 4x the size of its next largest competitor.  McCormick's size gives it economies of scale and makes it the go-to spice/flavor provider for other consumer packaged foods companies.

Dividend History

The modus operandi for my investments is largely based on dividend growth investing.  That means I want to find quality companies that have a history, and likelihood of continuing, of both paying and growing dividend payments to owners year after year.  This shifts the focus away from what the share price is doing on a daily, weekly, monthly...basis and towards the fundamentals of the business.

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