Automatic Data Processing: A Total Return Play For The Dividend Growth Investor

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Human resources and payroll outsourcing is a very profitable business with plenty of growth opportunities.  After taking a deeper look at Paychex (PAYX) last week, I wanted to peer into the other behemoth of the industry, Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

The business was founded in 1949 in an effort to aid business owners and entrepreneurs by letting them focus on the core business instead of the relatively mundane, but critical, things such as payroll.  Since then Automatic Data Processing has continued to grow and innovate now serving over 810,000 clients across the globe.

Dividend History

My primary investing strategy is dividend growth investing.  The idea behind dividend growth investing is to shift your attention away from whatever the stock price is doing and towards the fundamentals of the business and its ability to pay and grow its dividend in the future.

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