Thermo Fisher Scientific: Patient Investors Will Be Rewarded $TMO

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Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO) is a leader in the scientific equipment space specifically with a focus on healthcare. TMO is organized in four segments (1) Life Sciences Solutions, (2) Specialty Diagnostics, (3) Analytical Instruments, and (4) Laboratory Products and BioPharma Services.

TMO Segments

TMO Segments (TMO Investor Relations)

Their hands are in effectively every part of the R&D process for the global healthcare marketplace. If you're bullish on healthcare R&D spending which I am as diagnostics and new therapies become more and more specialized, then TMO is poised to benefit on that spending.

TMO Revenue Profile

TMO Revenue Profile (TMO Investor Relations)

TMO's revenues come from just about every sector of the healthcare R&D process. TMO also generates plenty of recurring revenues in the form of both consumables for their various equipment as well as servicing and maintenance.

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