Net Worth Update - May 2012

May was another down month for my net worth but overall it was worth it for what I did to lower it. My debt is now gone so I'll get to start saving a lot more of my income. My first back to back negative month just happened of course that's going to start happening as more and more of my net worth is tied to the movements of the markets. There was another round of wedding payments in May which helped to lower my net worth. For the month I contributed just under $900 to my 401k between my contributions and the employer match plus another $475 to the ESPP. From my take home pay, I saved $320 to my savings accounts and $2,987 for extra debt service. Overall my net worth was down $911 for the month.

Current Assets: $114,754.44
Curent Liquid Assets: $37,884.63
Current Debts: -$17,338.06
Net Worth: $97,416.39

My savings rate for May was 66.93% from my take home pay. This was lower than I want to be at but overall May was still a good month for savings. As usual this doesn't include my 401k contributions, but does include my debt service payment.

YTD my net worth has increased 41.67%. My net worth is getting very close to the $100k mark and I just might get to cross that mark in June depending on the markets. If they stay flat or move up then I should go over which is amazing considering less than 2 years ago I had a negative net worth.