Powder Ready

It seems I was a little late for the last pullback but I now have some dry powder available for the next one that is sure to come. I'll be setting up some limit orders today on MCD, INTC, AFL and possibly just buy outright some JNJ. It'll be great to get to start adding to my portfolio again. Now I just need to practice some patience. It's been awhile since I've had capital ready to deploy and while I know I want to get it out there and working for me a better time will come.

I'm also considering selling out of my WMT position in my Roth IRA since there's no tax consequences. I've made over 15.50% since late April when I purchased on the dip due to the bribery scandal. I'm not overly enthusiastic about the entry price because it could be better. The YOC is only 2.71% which is decent but not where I normally try to purchase at. If I sell that'll be more available to put towards a better opportunity when combined with the contribution I'll be making later this month. Time to crunch some numbers to see where WMT stands.