Net Worth Update - September 2012

September was an awesome month with a $10+k positive move in my net worth.  That was my 3rd highest monthly increase since I've kept track and my 2nd highest for 2012.  Over half of that was from my after-tax savings and the rest came from my 401k contribution, employer match and ESPP withholdings plus the changes due to the markets.  For the month I contributed just over $1,260 to my 401k and another $670 to my ESPP that will be purchased in January of next year.

Current Assets: $146,581.19
Curent Liquid Assets: $55,129.57
Current Debts: -$16,975.43
Net Worth: $129,605.76

A $150,000 net worth is in reach by the end of the year.  I didn't expect to be able to hit that mark at the beginning of the year since I would be pretty much doubling my net worth.  In order to reach the $150k mark I have to increase my net worth by another $20,400 over the final 3 months of the year, averaging $6,798.08 per month.  If the markets stay flat or only slightly down then I should be able to reach it and obviously if they take off then I'll easily get there.  My savings rate for September was 79.83% which is my 3rd highest of the year.  I will probably have to raise my savings percent target up next year because I'm currently well above my goal.

My emergency fund currently sits at $8,787.40 which cover 6.08 months of my average minimum expenses for the year.

YTD my net worth has increased 88.48%.  For the month, my net worth increased 9.04%.


  1. Good work! It sounds like you have a nice paying job, I'm assuming you work for HAL. Do they offer a discount on company stock? What kind of monthly income are shooting for before you call it quits?

    I've been researching ways to get to 401k money before age 59 1/2. Rolling it into an IRA then doing a SEPP seems to be the way to go to avoid penalties.

    1. I do work for HAL and make pretty good money. They offer a 15% discount on the stock so it's too good of a deal to pass up which is why I do it. I actually need to increase my percentage up to 10% from the current 8% when the next ESPP signup starts.

      As far as targeted monthly income I don't really have something in mind just yet. My currently average monthly expenses is around the $1,500 mark so as of now that's my target. Until I get close I'm not going to worry too much about a number just yet. I know that before I do retire I want to have my house completely paid off. That's still going to be several years from now because we haven't begun searching for a house yet. I really want to get some property and design my own house but as of now we're happy where we're at and saving money.

      The 401k is definitely something I'm worried about contributing to since I'm aiming for early retirement. If I do hit retirement by 40 then that's 20 years that I can't access that money. Although I do need to check into ways to get to it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Awesome progress! A 10k increase in net worth after only one month is certainty impressive. Looks like you are on target to meeting your goals - best of luck to reaching the 150k target. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be able to reach goals that we wouldn't dream about being able to at the beginning of the year?

    Wow, you savings rate is also out of this world at 80%. I've been striving to average around 65% to 70%, and even that's been more difficult than I anticipated.

    Great stuff!

    1. It's pretty amazing to see $10k moves in your net worth. I know I wasn't expecting to be near $150k by the end of 2012 which is pretty amazing.

      I do like my savings rate. It's great because I have a very well paying job and keep my expenses low. Once I can go and get my raise, hopefully sometime this year, then my average savings rate will go up. I almost hit 90% back in June and that's a semi-goal of mine.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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