Dividend Update - June 2014

June was a solid month for dividends and pretty much steady as she goes.  These dividend updates reflect all dividends that I receive through my investing pursuits and I hope can help inspire you to take control of your own finances and invest to build a passive income stream.  What you use that stream for is up to you, whether it's to fund early retirement, just provide some FI/FU money, or even to provide for an annual vacation; the key is that it can provide options and opens up all sorts of possibilities.  You can check my dividend income or progress page to see what dedication to an investment plan can give you.  I was able to set a personal best in dividends received during March which is great motivation and helps to keep me on track.

I received a total of $605.00 in dividends in my FI portfolio in June and have received a total of $1,992.81 through the first half of 2014 which is over 78% of the dividends I received in all of 2013.  I'm 44% of the way towards my goal of $4,500 in dividends received for the year so I'm off pace to hit my goal as of now but I think with additional investment and dividend increases I should be able to get close.  The dividends in my Roth IRA give a purer view of dividend growth investing at work since I haven't been able to make additional contributions.  For my Roth IRA in June I received $36.28 and have received a total of $102.79 through the first half of the year.  That's slight decrease from half way through 2013 but I made some changes to the Roth IRA and missed a dividend payment.  For my FI Portfolio, June saw a 7% increase from March 2014 and a solid 39% increase year over year.

I'd been fairly quiet with putting capital to work these past few months but in June decided to loosen up the purse strings a little bit.  I added to existing positions in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Wal-Mart (WMT) (Full Analysis Here), and Procter & Gamble (PG) (Full Analysis Here) as well as initiating and adding to my position in Deere (DE).  I'm still sitting on more cash than I'd like to be, especially after making two sales in my FI Portfolio during June.  So I'll be looking to put some more capital to work during July even if it's not at the best values.  My FI Portfolio's forward 12-month dividends ended June at $4,490.09 which is 89.80% of the way towards my goal of $5,000 by the end of the year.  My forward dividends continue to climb month after month and eventually they will exceed my expenses and allow me to contemplate retiring early.  My Roth IRA's forward 12-month dividends increased to $225.87 which is a slight increase from the end of May.

Below is the chart showing the monthly dividend totals for each year that I've been investing as well as the monthly average.  It's not always an increase as some companies have weird payout schedules and eventually some positions will get dropped, but the long-term trend is what matters.  It's great to see that my 2014 average through June is at $332.14 and well above 2013's monthly average of $212.23.  With more contributions/investments and expected dividend increases the gap should widen that much more.

FI Portfolio - Dividend Income
Company Dividend Amount DRIP Shares
Wells Fargo (WFC) $19.26 --
Conoco (COP) $12.27 --
Bank of America (BAC) $1.62 --
McDonalds (MCD) $84.97 --
Halliburton (HAL) $10.81 --
Phillips 66 (PSX) $4.14 --
Emerson Electric (EMR) $15.83 --
Walgreens (WAG) $21.76 --
Harris (HRS) $34.65 --
Cummins (CMI) $14.57 --
Target Corporation (TGT) $55.18 --
Aflac (AFL) $17.17 --
Lorillard (LO) $31.15 --
BP (BP) $23.69 --
Microsoft (MSFT) $11.52 --
Chevron (CVX) $58.82 --
ExxonMobil (XOM) $25.35 --
Wal-Mart (WMT) $10.76 --
Realty Income (O) $10.16 --
IBM (IBM) $23.34 --
Visa (V) $3.61 --
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) $22.55 --
American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) $16.03 --
PepsiCo (PEP) $40.32 --
Unilever (UL) $11.77 --
CenterPoint Energy (CNP) $23.70 --
June Total $605.00
2014 Total $1,992.81

Roth IRA - Dividend Income
Company Dividend Amount DRIP Shares
Bank of America (BAC) $1.00 0.065
Wells Fargo (WFC) $9.31 0.184
Wal-Mart (WMT) $4.51 0.060
Norfolk Southern (NSC) $21.46 0.215
June Total $36.28
2014 Total  $102.79

I've updated my Dividend Income page to reflect June's changes.

How did your dividends do in June?  Are you on target to reach any of your dividends goals for 2014?


  1. An other solid month PIP! I'll keep waiting for your upcoming purchases.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Leveraged DGI,

      I'm hoping to make some over the next week or so to keep adding to that dividend stream. I just don't want to sit on too much cash and figure that $20k or so is a solid enough cushion to allow me to make a quick move if the opportunity presents itself.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Outstanding month PIP! With the size of your regular monthly investments......you've been able to cover phenomenal ground. Congratulations buddy

    1. Bryan,

      The large regular monthly savings is what has led me to start investing even if it's not at the best values. I've got a huge cash stash to make a quick move if we get some opportunities. I hope to push this up to $700+ for December this year. We'll see how that goes.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nicely done. I hope to share my June 2014 dividend income update in another week.


    1. Mark,

      I'm sure you had a great month and I've got a lot of work to do to catch up to you. Looking forward to your update!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I had an exceptional month with $80.26. YTD is $270.XX. -- I made 29.7% of my dividends this month and you made 30.35%. Interesting stuff.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. WE,

      That's awesome. I'd guess that you'll be over $600 for the full year if not well past that.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Great Job! I am newish to investing. May I ask why you don't DRIP in your FI Portfolio, but you do in your Roth IRA?

    1. Anon,

      The reason I reinvest in my Roth is that it's a lot harder to collect dividends and selectively reinvest. Especially since I'm not able to contribute to it at this time thanks to our income. When you're looking at $225 per year in dividends that makes it hard to save those dividends up and make a reasonably sized purchase.

      With my FI Portfolio I've gone back and forth. When I first started investing I had planned to have the auto reinvest on until I started receiving around $2.5-3k in dividends. Then I'd turn it off and selectively reinvest. Since I'm regularly contributing to my taxable account it's easy to just add the cash dividends to make purchases.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Great month. Over 600/month is wonderful. Looking forward to add some of those stocks to my portfolio as well.

  7. PIP - Solid returns from some solid companies! At the current 89% mark, you should easily meet and likely exceed your $5K goal for forward 12-month dividends. Keep up the intensity...wishing you continued success! AFFJ

  8. JC,

    A really solid month. Over $600 in passive income is a really solid chunk of change. I still remember many of us fellow DGI bloggers were still earning $100 or $200 per month not so long ago. The progress is amazing.

    Great job on your goal too. You're getting very close now!

    Best wishes.

  9. Solid progress there. I am anxious to see where you end up putting that extra cash.

  10. Nice progress glad to see both a taxable account and Roth IRA. Keeping as much of your gains as possible from the tax man is another important factor in returns.

  11. Pursuit,

    Fantastic month! Over $600 in passive income is just really solid. The progress is really amazing. Keep it up!

    I hope to join you as a shareholder in a few of those companies at some point. Specifically, I like V and UL.

    Best wishes!


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