Weekly Roundup - November 21, 2014

Well no weekly roundup this week because Lynsy went in to labor yesterday and Lucas Dean finally joined us.  The real battle for him begins now that he's outside of her and I'll update with pictures whenever I get the chance.

I'm not sure I'll get out a post about the latest purchases in my Loyal3 portfolio but rest assured they will eventually get posted.  I did initiate a new position in my regular taxable account and have enough cash for one more smaller purchase.  I'm looking at adding either Ventas (VTR) or Omega Healthcare (OHI) to my portfolio so let me know what y'all think of those two.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I know ours is going to completely change everything.


  1. Congrats on the birth of your son, JC. Best wishes to you and your family.


  2. Congrats and Best wishes to everyone!


  3. Wishing Lucas Dean and his parents all the best.

  4. Pursuing Financial FreedomNovember 22, 2014 at 9:06 PM

    Congratulations JC! Fatherhood will completely transform your life for the better! Take care of that wonderful family and God bless.

    PS: based on current FFO, OHI is the better choice. But honestly, who gives a shit, your''e a new DAD!! Enjoy the family time and sleep when you can. Trust Me :)

  5. Congrats ! What an exciting time, best wishes.

  6. Congratulations JC, and hope everything goes well

  7. Congratulations JC! I'm certain it will change everything for the absolute better. Enjoy this precious time together with your family!

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    1. Congratulations, JC! What an exciting time for you and Lynsy!

  9. JC,

    A big congratulations! Life is good!! :)


  10. Yay!!! Great job from you and the wife, he's here! Wishing you and the family the best!

  11. Hi JC,

    That's awesome news! Congratulations on the birth of your son and to Baby Luke: Welcome to the World!

    Wishing you all the best,
    - DL

  12. Congrats. This truly will be a Happy Thanksgiving for your family!


  13. Hi, Passive Income Pursuit.
    Congrats on the birth of your son! Sorry I'm late to the party. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Goosemann Jones
    Flight to Dividends Blog

  14. Grats man. Hope all is well as it can be over there

  15. Long time, no see. I hope everyone is well, JC. I look forward to your next update.

  16. Hope all is well with your family and that everyone is healthy and doing fine. Take your time... we'll be here when you get back. All the best.

  17. Hey man! i just wanted to let you know ive been reading your blog for a while and ive been really inspired as to what I have read. my goal is to get as much passive income as early as possible so I can retire and live freely. I talk to my dad a lot about stocks and we actually brought up OHI, but we don't know much about it. I'll keep checking in to see if you post any updates about it, since it is a healthcare investment. Anyways, if you have any interest in seeing how I am trying to dig myself out of 200k of debt by becoming a pharmacist and being able to retire as soon as possible, check out my website at debt2retirement.weebly.com

    Thanks again!


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