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Back in August I started a new portfolio with Loyal3.  Loyal3 is a new brokerage that allows you to make purchases with no commission costs.  That's right, fee free investing.  Well, I just got an email on Friday from Loyal3 and they will no longer be accepting credit cards for purchase of stock.  So the credit card arbitrage is now over, but that doesn't take away from the value that Loyal3 offers investors.  It's still a no fee way to dollar cost average into wide moat companies which you just can't beat.  There's still a little bit of time to make purchases with credit cards so I'll most likely load up on some extra purchases next week and then slowly bring down my investments through Loyal3.  The plan is to still invest there but probably not at the same rate that I was originally planning on.

Each week I plan to make small purchases in several companies to slowly build up the positions.  This allows me to get some capital invested every week, for free.  The valuations might not always be the best but it does help me to consistently build up my portfolio and dividend stream that will eventually allow me to consider early retirement.

At my last weekly update I had only made 2 additional purchases in my Loyal3 portfolio.  Well, since Loyal3 came out and will no longer be accepting credit cards for stock purchase I decided to load up while I still can.  I invested $250 this past week as well as the shares from the dividend payment from KRFT.  There should be quite a few purchases that still go through early next week with my credit card that will give me that extra "1% yield" but then I'll be slowing down purchases until probably sometime in the new year.
  • UL - 11/5/14 0.6180 shares @ $40.45 / 3.61% YOC / $0.90 annual dividends
  • UL - 11/6/14 0.6180 shares @ $40.45 / 3.61% YOC / $0.90 annual dividends
  • UL - 11/8/14 0.6112 shares @ $40.90 / 3.57% YOC / $0.89 annual dividends
  • KO - 11/8/14 0.5826 shares @ $42.91 / 2.84% YOC / $0.71 annual dividends
  • GOOGL - 11/8/14 0.0450 shares @ $555.87 / 0.00% YOC / $0.00 annual dividends
  • DIS - 11/8/14 0.2762 shares @ $90.51 / 0.95% YOC / $0.24 annual dividends
  • UL - 11/10/14 0.6112 shares @ $40.90 / 3.65% YOC / $0.89 annual dividends
  • KO - 11/10/14 0.5826 shares @ $42.91 / 2.84% YOC / $0.71 annual dividends
  • DPS - 11/12/14 0.3550 shares @ $70.43 / 2.33% YOC / $0.58 annual dividends
  • KRFT - 11/12/14 0.4340 shares @ $57.60 / 3.65% YOC / $0.91 annual dividends
My forward 12-month dividends for my Loyal3 portfolio are now up to $42.82.  Adding that to my regular taxable account's forward dividends of $5,361.01 and my total forward dividends are up to $5,403.83.  I'm now 98.25% of the way towards my revised goal of $5,500.

I've updated my Portfolio page to reflect these changes.

If you want to open an account and Buy Stocks Fee-Free$0 fees to buy and sell stock.Open a free online account today. (Affiliate Link). I only link to products/services that I personally use or approve of.  Whether you use the link or not I still think Loyal3 is a great platform if you're looking to invest small amounts of capital for free.


  1. I see you've been steadily picking up shares of UL...its been a really popular stock as of late. We are hoping to become shareholders soon. :)

    BTW...Congrats in advance for reaching your goal of $5,500. :) Looks like you are treading along quite nicely. Keep up the good work JC!


  2. JC,
    I have added shares of UL and DIS this month, along with BP and CVX. I think they are all getting to be good values.
    Best wishes,

    1. UL seems to be quite popular these days. I can see why with the yield and current valuation. People seem to be liking it around $40 a share.

  3. These are good companies you have there. I didn't open an account with Loyal due to their limited stock offer. For that I liked Motif Investing better. But they are not free trading unlike Loyal. Can you buy fractions of stocks with Loyal 3?

  4. Great list of companies. I hate to see credit cards disappearing from Loyal3, as I'll most likely just start using my regular brokerage now for the most part. It was nice to get that initial yield, but now, the ability to use limit orders may negate the no fees in my regular brokerage. I'll test out the waters a little and decide from there. I added UL this week and put in a few orders for next week as well.

  5. I also made a bunch of purchases at Loyal3 this last week for the same reason (also with a buy of UL, among others). Seeing examples like yours and many others gives me hope that some day I'll grow my accounts out of the 'small potatoes' range. Keep it up!

  6. Its a pity that Loyal3 is removing the credit card option (and debit card option, I believe). My sons are using Loyal3 to invest small amounts every month and the card payment options were quite convenient.

  7. THANK YOU! Im am 27 years old and have been investing through scottrade for about 2 1/2 years. Im just starting my journey in my RB40 pursuit but im sure following you i should reach my goal. I am building positions in blue chip stocks that i would normally have to save for a year just to purchase 10 shares but now with Loyal 3 i can actually acquire stock all year! and NO FEES!! i would never have been able to start stacking AAPL and UL without finding your blog THANK YOU from a New and LOYAL fan!

  8. Congrats on increasing your div income. I hope to break 5K one day soon, many people never disclose the dividends from retirement accounts. The bulk of mine comes from retirement accounts. How do you feel about loyal3 and its long term prospects doing business for free,

  9. I only liked Loyal3 for their credit card deposit option. Their stock selection is quite limited and when you look at your statement or online account there is no account number. You can find out your account number by calling, but it took a long time and I don't like when Banks or Brokerages are not transparent. Also I read they always buy at the highest price for the day.
    I like Sharebuilder better, they charge $12 a month for buying stocks once a week on Tuesdays and you also can buy any amount and even better any stock you want. You can set your account to only invest if funds are available so if one week you want to take a break don't transfer any money.If you have a Capitalone360 checking account with debit card (formerly ING) you can make instant transfers between checking and sharebuilder

  10. I actually just signed up for Loyal3. I want to keep injecting capital into my early retirement fund, but I'm not injecting enough to make even a $6 commission worth it. I also bought UL. I didn't do any research, just following the hype train going around the Dividend Growth community.


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