The Top 10 Forex News Sites

Top 10 Forex News Sites

The Top 10 Forex News Sites

The forex market, also known as the foreign exchange market, is where the buying and selling of currencies is conducted. The currencies are vital to most individuals around the world. This is down to the fact it must be exchanged for an individual to carry out any foreign trades and transactions - it plays an important economic role in the lives of many people

There are a good number of forex sites that many forex traders would class as essential, and are certainly worth being recommended and appreciated. This article recognizes the top ten Forex sites that are fundamental to forex traders.

The first site is the Forex articles. Written by James Woodley. He gives his opinion regarding Forex trading ideas, Forex strategies, and weekly trading updates. Woodley also triggers the inspirations for posts.

The second Forex site is the Forex Magnates by Michael Greenberg. Michael brings current news of Forex in this blog. He also displays sharp opinions about the trade, which his readers seem to enjoy.

The third site is the Forex blog. In this blog, Adam K. uncovers opinion about Forex from China, which is the second largest economy in the world. He has the best long-term macro insights, which are important to traders. The Forex blog always provides the latest relevant information to the traders at CMC markets.

The fourth important site is the Francesc Riversola. The CEO of the FXStreet Company provides the industry cover from within. He delivers information about the industry of Forex. The CEO also makes it more enjoyable by applying songs in the blog! He gives the report about Forex in Barcelona, his hometown.

The next site is the Trading U, which is a Chicago blog. The author of the blog is Jay Norris. He explains about the psychological impacts of Forex trading in his articles. He also emphasizes on the technical analysis of Forex trading, the patterns of trading among many other issues.

The sixth site is the FXPath. James Chen started the great site in the year 2010. In this site, James focused on the transparency, straightforwardness and the technical analysis accuracy in Forex trading. He also provides the trade lessons as an authority in forex.

The seventh Forex site is the Forex Blog. The site was created in the year 2006, and from then; it has grown to a greater site with great resources. The blog was written by Andriy.The weekly technical lines of this man are still very fundamental to the traders up to date.

The eighth site is the currency thought, which was written by Larry Greenberg, a veteran currency economist. He consolidates and exposes the Forex news from different parts of the world to his site. This news has been of greater importance to the traders in the CMC markets. The site analyses the news further for the traders to get the main information easily.

The second to last site in this article is the DailyFX blog. This blog is one of the biggest, widest and well-known Forex portals. The site has got the bigger blog section, which creates room for other authors to write on. The site provides the relevant information to the traders in the market. Most of the people depend on this site for information because it is one of the more well known sites on the internet. Most people also like participating in this blog because a good number of individuals view it.

The tenth, and final, Forex site to thank and recommend is the Kathy Lien site. The author of this site is the head of currency research global Forex trading. In her site, Kathy provides Forex signals, strategies and the interesting technical and fundamental Forex analysis. Arguably the most important portion of her posts is the TV interviews, which are extremely interesting.

It is important that traders and many others that use information from these sites value the effort they put into keeps people informed. I guess one way of showing them some appreciation is to share any posts or insight you come by when visiting. A big thank you to all the great writers.

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