Is Honeywell International A Buy?

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When analyzing my portfolio at the end of 2018 one thing that I wanted to do was to increase my exposure to the consumer staples, consumer discretionary, health care and industrial sectors.  There's only 4 companies in my portfolio that fall in the industrial sector and they account for roughly 5% of my dividends.  Honeywell (HON) is a company that I've long had my eye on but never sat down to truly analyze the company and come up with a valuation.

Honeywell's share price had declined over 22% from its October peak at $161 to less than $125 by late December.  Since then the share price, as well as the market overall, has cooled down and rebounded nicely but is still roughly 12% below the October peak.  The share price might continue to climb higher from here or it could easily head back lower.  Whatever the case may be I wanted to be prepared with a valuation in mind for this excellent company should the markets start going haywire again.

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