Walmart, Inc.: An Updated Valuation And Purchase Price Targets

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Walmart (WMT) is one of the few consumer reliant business models that tend to thrive during recessions as consumers seek out cheaper alternatives for the items that they need.  Walmart has continued to expand their grocery offerings as well as the number of stores offering online grocery ordering and in-store pickup.  In a world where everyone seems pressed for time, the ability to purchase everything you need at one store or to save time by ordering groceries online can free up an hour or two per week.

Walmart has also been expanding its e-commerce business both organically and through acquisitions such as with and Flipkart.  In 3Q FY 2019, e-commerce sales for the Walmart U.S. segment grew by 43% sequentially.  Over the TTM, e-commerce revenues now represent over $15 B in revenues.

With 4Q and full year results due out this week, I wanted to re-examine this retailing giant to see whether it warrants some of my investment capital.

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