Moody's Corporation: Riding The Global Debt Wave

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Moody's Corporation (MCO) is a budding dividend growth star with plenty of tailwinds, primarily the large global corporate debt load that should continue to push the business forward. Moody's Corporation is organized into two segments: (1) Moody's Investors Services - which provides initial and ongoing credit ratings and (2) Moody's Analytics - which provides risk management, portfolio modeling, and data to institutional investors.

Dividend History

As a dividend growth investor, I want to invest my savings into established businesses that have a history of sending some portion of excess cash flow back to shareholders. While I enjoy some of the higher yielding positions in my portfolio, I also want to make sure that I have exposure to some of the higher dividend growth opportunities that are out there.

Moodys Dividend History

Image by author; data source Moody's Corporation Investor Relations

According to the CCC list, Moody's is a Dividend Contender with 11 consecutive years of dividend growth. That's not the lengthiest streak and there was a pause in 2009 during the midst of the financial crisis; however, Moody's has paid the same or higher dividend every year dating back to 2000.

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