MSCI: Fantastic Business, Excessive Valuation

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MSCI (MSCI) is a leader in the indexing and benchmarking space and generates large amounts of recurring revenues. MSCI has capitalized on the further trend of passive investing and can tailor benchmarks to just about any sub-sector or geography that investors desire.

Aside from the various indexes and benchmarks that MSCI creates, they also generate revenues from portfolio analytics providing risk and portfolio management services to clients.

MSCI has moved further into the ESG, environmental, social and governance, space as investors have been pushing that direction. ESG has become a focus for a large swath of investors and MSCI has been more than happy to oblige them with ESG focused indexes.

Dividend History

While most dividend growth investors, myself included, want our cash flow now that doesn't mean that we should forego the budding dividend growth stars of tomorrow which typically come with lower yield levels. There's an old Chinese proverb attributed to Laozi about "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". That saying is very appropriate for these types of businesses because you can't get to a 25 year streak and Aristocrat status without getting the first year completed.

MSCI Dividend History

MSCI Dividend History

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