Cutting Bills

Our current cable bill was $156.22. My fiancee and I have been talking about getting rid of cable and adding Netflix to allow us to stream movies since we both enjoy watching movies together whenever I get a chance to be home. As of this past Monday we have reduced our cable service to basic cable with faster internet service to provide better streaming capabilities. Our bill for cable will be almost cut in half and will run us around $85 a month. With the Netflix subscription we will add another $10 to that bill bringing the total to about $95. This move alone will save us a total of around $730 a year.

We got rid of the cable mainly because I'm away from home for work and she doesn't watch enough tv to justify paying as much as we were. While it was nice to have and when I'm home I'll miss it since I won't be able to get my sports fix it feels good to save this extra money. I'll be looking into streaming possibilities for sports to see what options there are. When we first talked about this I was hoping we'd cut it out completely and can just increase the internet speed and getting 2 HD receiver antennas to get just the local channels. That didn't come to pass mainly because I'm not home enough to be able to fix any problems that arise since she doesn't like messing with electronics. This is at least a step in the right direction and can possibly be a baby step towards cutting it altogether. If that's the case we can cut our monthly bill from $156 to about $50 meaning over $1200 in savings each year.

I'm excited to get rid of the cable to save money but mainly because it will hopefully lead to us doing more things together and focusing on each other instead of just zoning out and watching tv.