Income Update - January 2012

My expenses went back up from December thanks to lots of driving increasing my gas costs. Unfortunately my total expenses for January was pretty much on par with the average for last year. I’m hoping to get my expenses down further to create a larger buffer to be able to save. One good move in lowering my expenses was my total food budget. I decreased my total food expenses by almost 28%. I’m not really sure how that happened and know that it will bounce back up in February, but the goal is for it to not rebound much. My goal for this year is to reduce my food spending by a total of 15%. I brought in a total of $6,821.37 this month and was able to save or use as extra debt payment $5,082.27 or 74.51% of my income. It’s been a hard road to try and get my expenses down but anything worth doing isn’t easy.