Net Worth Update - January 2012

January was a good month with the stock market making a move upwards. I had my second largest monthly net worth gain with a $10,873.17 move upwards. I had a big move from my savings (~$2,600 and debt payment ($2,425). Another $800 came from my ESPP purchase since I get a 15% discount on the shares and another $1,128 was from my 401k contributions and match. So in total from my own doing I was able to increase my net worth by approximately $7,200 and the balance of the increase was from stock market moves. I’m looking forward to the time when I can have dividends and stock moves making the bulk of my net worth change with my savings just being icing on the cake.

Current Assets: $117,580.54
Current Liquid Assets: $103,010.14
Current Debts: -$37,943.42

My savings rate from my take home pay for January was 74.51%, including the extra debt payment that I made. This was a great start to the new year and is past my 70% savings rate target for the year. If work stays really busy again this year I might crush my savings goal. It's exciting to see the debt go down and assets move up.