Getting Impatient

It's days like today that really make me mad that I don't have money to invest. More and more opportunities are starting to come around. I set a limit order for both VOD and WMT but then quickly cancelled them because it doesn't make sense to try and buy now. My capital just won't go far enough at the present time. It's very frustrating to not be able to initiate positions, but that's completely because of my own doing and getting in to debt. If work was as busy as last year I'd probably raid my emergency fund a little to get the debt paid off faster. I'm ahead of schedule from when I was thinking of getting the debt done with but it's still frustrating when it looks like the pullback we've been waiting for is starting. Time to go outside and away from the computer to not think about the potential investing opportunities. That's been the hardest part of this year so far. Hopefully today finds everyone else in better positions.