Net Worth Update - March 2012

March was another good month. Not quite as good as January and February but an $8k positive move is still good. More than half of that came from debt repayment. I sent an extra $3,350 to service that debt and it's going well to possibly be done with it a month earlier. The rest came from additional investments to my 401k and Roth IRA and increases in value as well as dividends paid. Also additional savings from my income accounted for about $1,200 of it.

Current Assets: $129,901.66
Curent Liquid Assets:
Current Debts: -$31,353.58
Net Worth: $98,548.08

I can't get my liquid assets because I didn't calculate it before I started making changes to my spreadsheet with the change of the month. It ended up being pretty much flat for the month.

My savings rate for March was 75.10% from my take home pay. As usual this doesn't include my 401k contributions, but does include my debt service payment.

YTD my net worth has increased 43.31% for a total of $29,784.63. My net worth is getting very close to the $100k mark. It might cross it at some point in April but I don't expect to end the month over $100k since I have a wedding bill coming up this month that's going to take a chunk of my savings. At least it's savings and not debt.

Best of luck to everyone else. Even if you aren't making big steps, as long as they're steps in the right direction it's progress.