Net Worth Update - April 2012

April was a bad month for my net worth. It actually decreased this month which was the first negative move since July 2011. The markets being down for the month didn't help the net worth out either. I also had just over $5,000 come out of my savings to make some payments for the wedding. Of course that's why we saved up for it instead of going in to debt so I don't feel bad about it. I was able to contribute just over $1,200 to my 401k including the company match and around $600 for my ESPP. From my take home pay I was able to save $802.25 and use $3,350 for debt service. All that combined with the change in the markets put me at a -$220.59 for the month. I'm very happy to see that with the $5,000 wedding payment my net worth was able to stay pretty much unchanged for the month.

Current Assets: $125,735.92
Curent Liquid Assets: $46,246.46
Current Debts: -$27,408.43
Net Worth: $98,327.49

My savings rate for April was 71.42% from my take home pay. As usual this doesn't include my 401k contributions, but does include my debt service payment.

YTD my net worth has increased 42.99% for a total of $29,564.04. My net worth is getting very close to the $100k mark and unless the stock market goes on a tear in May I think I'll stay right around where I am because I'm sure there will be another wedding payment coming up in May.