Weekly Roundup - April 6,2013

This past week was great.  We have a bit of a cool front dip down to south Texas to cool things off and the best part was that it came the day before we were having to be really busy since we had finished drilling the well.  Even better is that we should get 4-5 days of bonus out of this well which will be another $1,600-$2,000 coming my way on top of the $800 we got for the previous well.  No complaints from me about that.  But the best part about this week is that I'm now home with my wife and should get to spend the next 1.5 weeks with her while they're finishing up with the well and then moving the rig to the next location.

Thanks to everyone that mentioned Passive Income Pursuit this past week.  I really appreciate it and couldn't help grow my blog without you.

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I hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend!

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  1. Pursuit,

    Great news on the bonus and weather! Sounds like everything is going your way right now. Enjoy the time with your wife.

    Thanks for the mention. Hope you're enjoying your weekend in Texas!

    Best wishes.

    1. DM,

      It really was a great week. Nice weather, bonus, going home to see my wife. We went to the drive in Friday night, the state park on Saturday, and a hockey game Sunday. All were great!

      Hope you had a great weekend yourself.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for the mentions Passive Income Pursuit!

  3. Thanks for the mention JC! I didn't know you were in the oil business. Do you watch the show Dallas on TNT?

    1. Marvin,

      I've seen a few of the original series episodes but never seen the new one. It's kind of hard to keep up with tv shows when I'm actually at work because it's usually 1 TV and 4 guys on our down time or 1 other guy while we're drilling.

      Thanks for stopping by and no problem on the mention!


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