Weekly Roundup - August 16, 2014

Quick update because it's late and I need to get to sleep.  I initiated 5 new positions for me this week, although 4 of them are really small at just $25 each so far.  I started positions in Disney (DIS), Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOGL), and Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) as well as a much larger position in a company I've been eyeing for a while.  I'll get a post up about the newest position early this coming week.  Make sure you follow me on Twitter@JC_PIP to get nearly up to the minute information of new purchases that I make for my portfolio.

Thanks again to each and every one of you that stopped by, commented, or shared posts from Passive-Income-Pursuit this past week.  I truly appreciate it and if there's ever anything I can do or write about to help you out then feel free to ask.

In case you missed them, here's the post from this past week.

Now on to the links!

The first $100 dividend check by The Conservative Income Investor - When you first start investing in individual stocks it can be a bit nerve wracking.  But dividend growth investing can provide a greater counter to the markets movements.  At some point it clicks just how solid of an investment strategy dividend growth investing is.  For some it's when that first dividend payment hits your account but once you cross the $100 threshold things start to build on themselves.

The most important financial statement when selecting dividend growth stocks by Dividends 4 Life - Publicly traded companies are required to release financial statements.  While there's lots of information thrown at investors at once there's one that you should look at first.

Basic technical analysis for dividend investors by Retire Before Dad - Technical analysis by itself isn't the strategy for me.  However, combining some basic technical analysis with a thorough fundamental and qualitative analysis should allow for better timing for purchases.

Dividend investing for financial independence by Dividend Growth Investor - Obviously I believe that dividend growth investing is one of the better investment strategies for the average investor.  Especially those that are seeking to generate cash flow from their investments in retirement.

August stock purchase - industrial sector dividend stocks by Dividend Life - For some investors the industrial sector has a bit too much volatility and they'd prefer to stick with companies that might offer lower but steadier growth such as those in the consumer staples sector.  But don't dismiss the industrial sector because of it's choppier financials.  There's plenty of great companies in this space.

My updated valuation of Proctor & Gamble by Income Surfer - The stability and rather predictable nature of Proctor & Gamble is well known by investors.  But does it represent good value at current prices?

Don't sleep on the millenials by A Wealth of Common Sense - A lot has been said about the coming demographic shift of the baby boomers starting to retire in mass.  However, is there really as much to worry about as we've been led to believe?

REITs: Book value and net asset value revealed by My Own Advisor - Real estate investments trusts can be strong representatives of the real estate sector.  However, valuing them is much trickier than normal businesses.  Mark has a great explanation of some metrics you can use to analyze REITs and determine a fair price to pay for them.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing my article JC. Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks for including my article!

      Dividend Growth Investor

  2. I like your purchases, mainlu BRK,B one. I was wondering how I could get into those stocks with little cash I have. I also wanted BRK.A but don't have 200k to buy even one stock. but now I got an idea I might use my Motif investing account to buy fractions of those shares and let them run there. Thanks for inspiration.

  3. PIP,
    Thanks for including my piece in this week's roundup. I love the DIS and BRK-B moves with Loyal3. Buying into great companies over a long time with no fees.

  4. Hi PIP,

    Thanks for including my post in your roundup! The 3 stocks you mentioned above (AAPL, GOOG and DIS) are all in the Top 50 list of companies with highest ratings from their employees that I was just writing about today.

    Keep up the great work!
    Best wishes,


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