Weekly Roundup - August 31, 2014

The S&P 500 crossed 2,000 for the first time this past week which is an amazing feat considering where it was 5 years ago.  With new all-time highs in the markets there's been more and more people calling for a major correction to come soon.  I know this past week I heard someone on the financial news shows (yes I do watch them but ignore 99% of what they say) saying that a 50% correction is just around the corner.  Is it?  I have no idea but I have a feeling that as long as there's still the constant calls for a major correction it's probably not going to happen.  But dividend growth investors don't buy the whole market.  We select individual companies trading at good valuations so despite the record highs and elevated valuations for the market in general there's still pockets of value.

I didn't get nearly as much writing done this past week or even monitoring of the stock market for purchases.  Although I did continue to make some purchases in my new Loyal3 portfolio.  Dollar cost average baby!!!  We had another round of tests and meetings for Lucas (our son) this past Tuesday and then another appointment Wednesday and one more on Thursday for good measure.  I started up another blog to keep track of everything that's going on with him and if you want to follow along it's BabyLukeBlog.wordpress.com.  I figured I'd give Wordpress a go to try and get used to their platform since I'm planning on making the move there for Passive-Income-Pursuit later this year.  Although that might get put on the back burner depending on how things progress with Lucas.

In case you missed them, here's the posts from this past week:

I'd like to thank all of you for stopping by, commenting on, and sharing posts from here this past week.  I truly appreciate it and can't thank you all enough.  Just a quick recap this week but hopefully next week the roundup will be back to normal fashion.

Now on to the links!

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I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing my post JC. I'll have to check out the Lucas blog. I thought about starting a second one, but to be honest I have enough trouble keeping up with one.....and my side projects. Have a great weekend buddy and don't work too hard

    1. Bryan,

      I wouldn't have time to normally keep up with a full second blog but quick updates are pretty easy to do and it makes it so much easier to keep everyone updated.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi PIP,
    Thanks for including my article. It's great of you to take the time to write your weekly roundups as there's always something interesting to read! I'm looking forward to reading more about Baby Luke's progress too.

    Best wishes for you and your family,

    1. DL,

      My roundups are a little thing I can do to try and spread the word of some other great blogs. Especially with as much as the DGI/FI blog world has grown. Tuesday will be a really interesting day for Baby Luke.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. JC,

    Hope all remains well with Lucas's development.

    Appreciate the mention. Have a great finish to your weekend!

    Best regards.

    1. DM,

      Tuesday will be a big day for the options although signs are pointing in pretty much one direction.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. PIP,

    Thanks for including my article. I wish you a nice week ahead and I pray for you that the baby comes out healthy several months from now!


    1. DGI,

      My wife and I too. It's such a scary feeling finding out there's an issue with Lucas. Scary enough with just having a child but now that there's issues it's even worse. Thanks for the prayers and thanks for stopping by!


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