Weekly Roundup - April 4, 2015

Well I'm sure you noticed that I didn't get a lot of writing done this week.  That wasn't for a lack of "want to" but just a matter of lack of time.  Monday at the hospital with Luke, Tuesday I headed back to work, Wednesday and Thursday was work, and Friday it was back to the hospital again.  And now today I'll be at the hospital and then work.  So I was quite busy and never really got settled and "in a groove" this past week.  While I'm exhausted because I haven't been sleeping well, I would gladly stay up longer if it meant that I go to be with Luke longer.  They started him on a new drug this week that is kind of a last resort option.  It seems to possibly be helping out but he's not up to the full dose yet so we can't really tell.  If it happens to not work then the only real option is to keep him on the same path he's on and hope he can grow out of it before his pulmonary hypertension hurts him.  Pretty scary stuff.

I'm looking forward to getting some more articles written and posted as well as some stock analyses.  There's just so many great companies that I want to own that my attention keeps getting pulled in a million directions.  Sometimes I with there was at least two of me.  One to just focus on data compilation, reading, writing, and company research and another to deal with work.  But until that's possible the two will have to be one in the same.

In case you missed it, here's the post from this past week.
Thanks again to each and every one of you that read, commented on, or shared posts from Passive-Income-Pursuit this past week.  I truly appreciate it and it means so much to me that y'all continue to come back for more.  

Now on to the links!

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I hope you all have a great weekend and get to spend time plenty of time with friends and family.


  1. Thanks for the mention, JC. Hope things get better with Luke.

    Best wishes

  2. Thank you for the mention. I hope Luke gets better.

    As for companies, I think the best think to do is research 100 or so you are interested in, and then watch them like a hawk until they get into attractively valued state.

    1. DGI,

      Your wisdom is unparalleled. I was just thinking of doing the same thing and then just sitting and waiting for solid value on the best companies I can find. It's hard though because I get easily distracted and a new excellent company is like a shiny object that catches my eye.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks JC.... we are pulling for you guys here. Hope your son keeps progressing

  4. All the best... I will keep your son and family in my prayers. Hoping for the best.


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