Will United Parcel Service, Inc. Continue to Deliver the Dividends?

United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS) is a dividend contender with 6 consecutive years of dividend growth. The company generate revenues through both delivery of goods and supply chain management. Its vast network gives it an advantage for companies looking to expand their own product lines within new markets. United Parcel Service closed trading on Thursday, July 2nd at $97.20, making for a current yield of 3.00%.

The following tables/graphs are taken from my personal stock analysis spreadsheet. Data for the stock analysis was sourced from United Parcel Service's investor relations page, Morningstar, and Yahoo Finance.

Historic Growth Rates:

Historically, owners of United Parcel Service stock have earned decent returns. According to longrundata.com, UPS has delivered investors a total return of 84.6%, or 6.3% annualized returns, over the last 10 years. Those numbers are market returns at specific snapshots in time, and aren't necessarily indicative of the business results over the same time period. Looking at the historical growth rates for per share dividends, earnings, revenue, and free cash flow gives a better idea of the operational results that United Parcel Service has delivered.

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