It's A Digital World, Analog Devices Is Just Living In It

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Analog Devices (ADI) is a globally diversified semiconductor company that focuses on the analog space. Specifically being able to translate physical data into the digital world; think temperature, speed, sound data as well as many others.

ADI SegmentsSource

Analog Devices has an extremely diversified product and customer base. After the Maxim Integrated acquisition completed they now count over 125k customers.

ADI Revenue DiversificationSource

Analog Devices is highly diversified with over 80% of revenue coming from products that are less than 0.1% individually. That's a very diversified product lineup and with over 50% of revenue derived from products that are 10 years old it speaks to just how sticky their products are.

As more and more products and processes are being brought into the digital age that's increased demand for analog sensors.

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