Service Corporation International: An Under The Radar Wealth Generator $SCI

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For the core of my portfolio I want to focus on businesses that are stable and predictable. One business that doesn't get much attention is Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI).

Service Corporation is the largest funeral home operator in the world. Service Corporation has 1,471 funeral homes and 488 cemeteries across 44 states domestically as well as 8 Canadian provinces.

Dividend History

Dividend growth investing is a straight-forward investment philosophy that focuses on the dividends that a business will be able to pay out to shareholders. Intuitively it makes sense as it helps to narrow down the investment candidates to ones that are likely high quality if they have a lengthy history of dividend growth.

Service Corporation Dividend History

Service Corporation Dividend History (Service Corporation Investor Relations)

Service Corporation has increased their annual dividend payment for 11 consecutive years which gives them the title of Dividend Contender. Service Corporation's dividend growth got off to an inauspicious start by stalling just 2 years into its journey during the Great Financial Crisis. However dividend growth resumed in 2011 with several years showing multiple raises.

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