2012 Goals

My ultimate goal is to be able to retire by 40 by replacing all of my income with dividend payouts. I have a long ways to go but am working on making progress towards it.

Budgeting goals for 2012:
Average 70% after-tax savings rate
Average less than $1,600 per month in required expenses
Reduce miscellaneous spending by 20%
Reduce restaurant spending by 20%
Reduce grocery spending by 10%

Savings goals for 2012:
Payoff all debt
Surpass $100,000 for my net worth

Investing goals for 2012:
Receive $1,000 in dividends
Obtain 3.00% or higher YOC for my brokerage account
Surpass $100,000 in investable assets
Max out 401k
Max out Roth IRA's for myself and my fiance

Personal Goals for 2012:
Lose and keep off 20 lbs
Workout 3x per week
2+ blog posts per week

I think the hardest goal to reach will be the $1,000 in dividends since I will be focusing almost exclusively on paying off debt. The plan is to get the debt paid off by October 2012. For 2012 I will be including my debt payments in my savings rate calculations.