Waiting on a pullback...

I'm currently sitting on some cash that I want to put to work but am waiting on the markets to pull back some. I thought today might have been the start with the European mess rearing its head again but the markets bounced back up. I'm hoping for a second half pullback like we saw in 2011 because I won't be having much capital to invest until I can get my debt paid off around September of this year. I'll be paying off approximately $22,300 in debt between now and September which will be great to be done with that. That will free up my cash flow so much and allow me to invest much more. I'll be able to truly save between 70 and 80% of my after tax income instead of "saving" it in debt repayment.

I haven't had any new purchases recently and I'm getting a little antsy, I need to find something to distract these idle hands until I can get a better entry position.