Income Update - December 2011

Here is the chart for my income/expenses from December 2011. My expenses came down some but not by any significant amount. My income was way up and the second highest monthly total that I received all year. Because of the high income for December I had a big difference between my income and expenses allowing me to save a lot. Unfortunately there's that debt that I have to pay off so I wasn't able to add to my portfolio. I'm on track to have that finished off between September and November of this year depending on how work goes. My potential retirement income is very low but if you follow this blog you'll see that I'm working on it. I have some lofty goals to receive $1,000 in dividend income in 2012. That will be a huge increase considering that I'm on track to receive around $280 while not accounting for dividend increases and since I won't be contributing much to my portfolio until the last quarter of the year.